Sportex manufactures 4 branch exhaust manifolds for the Vauxhall Tigra.  The Sportex 4 branch exhaust manifold replaces the cars standard down pipe and cast manifold.  The Sportex tubular design features a single pipe per cylinder exhaust port which eliminates interference between cylinders and maximizes power gain.  Each individual tubular component is CNC manipulated using a single tube where possible.  To prevent premature weld failure Sportex avoid using tube that is cut and welded at different angles. The exhaust manifold or exhaust header (same thing) is the item bolted to the cylinder head exhaust ports and is the first part of a full exhaust system.  The exhaust manifold is usually mounted with an exhaust gasket between head and manifold to prevent gases leaking. There is a science to performance exhaust manifold design.  They can be tuned by altering the pipe length/angle etc producing different engine power or torque characteristics. Fortunately Sportex spend a lot of time developing and testing the best design for each application. Being close to the engine the performance exhaust manifold has to cope with immense heat from internal combustion.  To protect other engine bay components the 4 branch is sometimes equipped with a metal heat shield.  Manifolds can be painted with high temperature paint or wrapped with exhaust wrap for additional under bonnet heat control.  With its free flow large bore tubing extra power is produced by the Sportex 4 branch manifold allowing the gases to escape more quickly.  For maximum power combine this product with a full performance exhaust system and an induction kit. 


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