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If you are looking for a Citroen C1 performance exhaust back box we have a range of products to suit most models including 1.0i 12v and 1.4HDi. The Sportex performance back boxes we supply are aimed at producing performance gains by being less restrictive than the standard item. This is achieved by using high flow silencers with straight through internals. The silencer box is filled with high temperature acoustical suppression material for efficient sound absorption.  A by product of the back box design is a sporting exhaust note which is deeper and louder than standard. Another benefit is improved looks with many tail pipe designs available all built using mirror polished T304 stainless steel.  This material is demagnetised which makes it less susceptible to discoloration. Sportex back boxes are a cost effective option as in most cases they cost a similar amount of money as a main dealer would charge for a standard replacement item.  For most buyers with a set of hand tools Sportex exhausts are an easy DIY fit as they are designed to use the original mount points. Sportex exhausts are guaranteed for the original customer for 24 months.  Full exhaust systems, 4 branch exhaust manifolds, decat pipes and race tubes are also available for some models. 

Sportex Citroen C1 performance exhaust back box 1.0i, 1.4HDi 2005> T2

Sportex Citroen C1 performance exhaust back box 1.0i, 1.4HDi 2005> T2

Sportex performance exhaust back box Citroen C1 1.0i, 1.4HDi 2005>

Price: £130.66


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