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The Sportex exhaust Decat pipe is basically a box or pipes the same size and shape as the original catalylitic converter. The exhaust catalyst or cat is usually found toward the front of the car sometimes in the front pipe below the exhaust header.  Some performance cars usually those fitted with a turbo charger can have two cats.  The cats function is to clean exhaust gases of harmful emissions that pass through its cells.  Cleaner exhaust gases are a good thing for the environment but not so good for a high performance exhaust system.  The decat pipe or cat replacement pipe (they are the same thing) bolts in place of the cat and being less restrictive they let the engine produce more power.  The obvious downside is they don’t clean the exhaust gas and will not pass an MOT on cars produced after 1992. They produce more power by being less restrictive than the cat and are ideal for fast road or track day use. For optimum power gain fit with an induction kit and full exhaust system to your car. 

Sportex Fiat Bravo Brava decat pipe 1995-2002

Sportex Fiat Bravo Brava decat pipe 1995-2002

Sportex decat pipe Fiat Bravo Brava 1.2i, 1.6i, 1.8i 1995-2002

Price: £34.95


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