The Sportex performance exhaust system range covers many popular and modern classic performance cars including Peugeot 206 1.1i, 1.4i, 1.6i, 2.0i GTI 136. Performance systems usually comprise of a centre section with silencer and a back box, they are bolted or clamped to the front pipe, manifold or cat.  Sportex race tube systems are the same as the performance system but with fewer silencers for maximum power and are louder than standard exhausts or the Sportex performance exhaust system. Benefits of Sportex performance and race tube exhaust systems include a sharper throttle response; deeper bass sports exhaust sound, power increase and great looks from the choice of tail pipe designs. Fitting a Sportex performance exhaust system produces extra power by using high quality free flow exhaust tubing and sports straight through silencer boxes Most modern car exhaust systems run from the catalytic converter (cat) to the rear of the car.  The Sportex exhaust system includes the intermediate pipe work and the rear silencer with T304 stainless steel exhaust tip.  These systems are termed cat back systems or catback systems.  Replacing the standard exhaust with a high performance exhaust system unleashes more of the engines potential than the standard exhaust or standard exhausts with a performance back box.  A sports exhaust can improve you selling price when you come to sell your car.  Cat back performance systems are less restrictive than standard exhausts using different bore exhaust pipe work which is designed better coupled to freer flowing exhaust silencers. 


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