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Sportex Honda Civic exhaust race tube Type R 2.0i 2006-2011

Price: £79.95

This brand new Sportex non resonated performance exhaust Race Tube is designed to fit Honda Civic Type R 2.0i FN2 hatchback models built 2006-2011. 

The pipework is 2.5" in diameter and may require fine adjustment to get the perfect fit. Please note, fittings are NOT included such as gaskets or bolts etc.

Review by CJ
Very pleased and impressed with the FN2 Sportex Race Tube. It gives the perfect note while accelerating, it's also the right pitch with a little bit of rasp and once in to vtec just how it should be. I was also very impressed quality of the race tube. It also seems to have sorted out the flat spot I had between 3.5K and 4.5K.

This product is produced as a performance part with high flow bends and with 2.5" diameter pipework. It is not a standard bore exhaust with just the middle silencer deleted. This makes it ideal for fast road, track days etc. They sound great producing a deeper, louder than standard bass exhaust tone and not a thin and tinny sound like some small bore stainless steel products. This race tube is designed to increase engine performance by being less restrictive than the standard exhaust.  Back pressure is reduced producing power gains. Sportex performance exhausts are constructed using aluminised steel and are backed up with 24 month guarantee.  

*Power gain

*Sports sound

*24 month guarantee


Bonus Points Available: 80
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