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Sportex Vauxhall Astra mk5 1.4i exhaust race tube 2005-2010

Price: £46.95

Sportex performance exhaust race tube designed to fit Vauxhall Astra mk5 1.4i 3/5 door hatch built 2005-.

Each race tube is basically a performance exhaust centre section with no central silencer fitted. Exhaust race tubes are also called non resonated pipes or race pipes. As they have no silencer box they are less restrictive compared to standard producing power gains and making the car sound louder. Originally developed for the competition market they are very popular with track day enthusiasts and modifiers alike. They have not been decibel tested but seem fine for most MOT testers. The sound level varies depending on which rear silencer they are fitted with. The material utilised in production is mild steel which is aluminised for corrosion resistance then painted. Fitting should be as easy as swapping an original centre section as they are produced to fit the cars existing hanger were possible. To get the most from this product combine it with an induction kit and back box. For maximum power combine this product with a full performance exhaust system and an induction kit.

Delivery time is approx 2 to 4 days and costs £12.95 UK mainland
*Power gains
*Sports sound
*24 month guarantee

Bonus Points Available: 47
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Good but loud

. --Excellent
Fitted this today and absolutely love it unfortunately it is a bit short in length so the exhaust is about an inch and a half behind the rear bumper and the angle of the pipe what passes over the rear axle meaning that the exhaust is off centre by a fee degrees but apart from that great sports pipe would recommend but not on a larger sized engine

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