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This is achieved using high flow pipework and straight through silencer boxes.  An additional benefit is a deeper louder exhaust note, the classic Sportex exhaust sound. Customers in the 1990’s wanted more from their performance exhaust in the form in good looks. A range of polished stainless steel tailpipes were made available and the range was branded Sportex. Today the product range consists of a comprehensive selection of Sportex performance exhausts and back boxes and 4 branch manifolds. Recently Sportex has introduced decat pipes and race tube products for the Hot-Hatch market.  Sportex are quick to bring new applications to market and produce many exhausts that are simply not available elsewhere. Sportex exhaust systems fit to the o/e manifold, down pipe or cat. A recent Sportex exhausts review on a Mini forum told of easy fitting and great quality. Sportex exhaust reviews civic for the Honda model also stand out as as one of the most popular fitments. Are Sportex exhausts any good is a question we often hear often. The fact the brand has gone from strength to strength over the past quarter of a century speaks volumes with literally thousands of happy customers leaving positive feedback. With over 3000 applications the most popular are Sportex exhaust Ford Fiesta and Sportex exhaust Renault Clio.


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